new guestbook

I have finally been able to gather my wits and written a guestbook for the website. But this is not just an ordinary guestbook... No, this is a properly "engineered" guestbook using data value objects and data access objects and all the other bells and whistles of object oriented programming an estimated 70% of PHP programmers will never use in their lifetime. So enjoy... ;)


following the last update, I have finished the first year (~82% total - could have done better ^_^) and moved into a new flat (photo was taken from my window - down Edgware Road to Marble Arch).View from my flat I have also coded a small python script to convert the html version of the DOC timetable to the iCalendar format. This would enable you to sync the data with your ipod or Google Calendar. It is still very rough at the edges so you might actually want to study python first... :P

it's been a long time ...

... since I last updated this site. Meanwhile, I have left school with the IB Diploma and started studying Computing at Imperial College London. Concerning the website, I have not yet written a decent cms, simply because I don't have enough time to spare. For a start, however, I have put some information on the page since, after all, this is what a website is supposed to be for, isn't it? As usual, comments in the guestbook are very much appreciated. Please note, that the IE still is not fully supported - At least IE6... - If you happen to use IE7 please tell me whether or not the design displays alright (I am on Linux).

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